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Cynthia Stevens Kent, Attorney

Cynthia Stevens Kent, Tyler & East Texas Attorney

Cynthia Stevens Kent has been licensed by the Texas Supreme Court to practice law in Texas since November of 1977. For more than 35 years she has devoted herself to the practice of law as a private attorney, assistant criminal district attorney and judge. After 24 years of public service as a District Judge and County Court at Law Judge, presiding over all types of civil, felony and misdemeanor criminal, family law and juvenile law cases, Judge Kent retired from the bench and returned to the private practice of law in East Texas. She served as an assistant criminal district attorney, special prosecutor and attorney pro tem. Now serving as a private attorney, court master, arbitrator and mediator, Cynthia Stevens Kent brings her decades of judicial and legal experience to the table and courtroom to assist parties in resolution of their disputes. As a nationally recognized author and instructor in handling capital cases, Judge Kent's extensive criminal law experience can assist clients in fair resolution of adult and juvenile criminal charges. Additionally, in family law and child protective services cases, Cynthia Stevens Kent can bring reasoned and effective representation to families in divorce, CPS, protective order and child custody disputes.

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