Tyler and East Texas Attorney Services

Cynthia Stevens Kent, attorney, serves clients in Tyler and East Texas in the following areas:

Mediation Attorney

Lawyers and litigants in civil and family law cases deserve timely, professional and confidential mediation services. Cynthia Stevens Kent has decades of judicial and legal experience in dispute resolution that may assist in a cost effective resolution of disputes outside of the courtroom. Contact Cynthia Stevens Kent today to schedule your full-day or half-day mediation.

Civil Law Attorney

Cynthia Stevens Kent handles a variety of civil disputes from personal injury litigation to contract disputes. Serving as lead counsel or local counsel in the East Texas areas, Cynthia Stevens Kent is available to assist you, your family, or your out of area counsel in the timely disposition of many types of civil disputes.

Family Law Attorney

As a judge and attorney, Cynthia Stevens Kent has for more than 35 years handled most types of family law disputes. Whether it is a divorce, child custody dispute, child support issue, child protective services case, modification suit, enforcement action, or protective order prosecution or defense, Cynthia Stevens Kent may be able to assist you in the trial or settlement of matters that deal with the most important part of an individual’s life . . . their family.

CPS Attorney

Having represented children, parents, grandparents and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Cynthia Stevens Kent has extensive experience in child protective cases. If you or your family are involved with CPS, call for an appointment to discuss what options are available to protect your rights and to provide for the best resolution for your children and grandchildren.

Felony Attorney

The protection of individual rights and due process are an important part of an attorney’s work. If you or family members are accused of a felony offense in the state courts of Texas, you will need the assistance of an attorney to navigate through the investigation, charging decision and disposition of those accusations. Having prosecuted, defended, and presided as a judge over a full range of felony criminal cases from drug possession to capital murders, Cynthia Stevens Kent has extensive experience in working to protect individual rights and liberty within the rule of law in Texas state courts. Hiring an attorney early in any felony criminal matter is critical in the appropriate resolution of those charges. Cynthia Stevens Kent is a faculty member and guest lecturer around the nation on handling capital crimes and high profile cases. Call today for an appointment to discuss the options that might be available to defend you and your family’s rights.

Misdemeanor Criminal Law

Many individuals and their families find themselves charged with a Class A or Class B misdemeanor under Texas state law. Cases ranging from possession of marijuana, DWI, theft, criminal mischief, assault and many others may be difficult to appropriately resolve without legal advice. Cynthia Stevens Kent’s decades of professional experience, including work as a prosecutor, defense attorney and judge of a misdemeanor and felony court, might be of assistance you in the timely and appropriate resolution of criminal accusations.