Mediation Services in Tyler, Texas

Tyler Family Law and Civil Law Mediation Attorney

Looking to settle a legal dispute in a more cost-efficient, timely manner in Tyler, Texas? Civil law and family law cases in Tyler can lead to incredible stress, costs, and other difficulties for all parties involved, especially during negotiations and litigation. That’s why many individuals and families choose an alternative solution to settle their legal disputes – the mediation process.

How Mediation Works

Mediation services in Tyler involve two parties meeting in a confidential setting before a neutral third party whose job is to listen to both sides of the issues presented. Then, the third party’s goal is to propose specific solutions that satisfy the needs of both parties and help settle disputes. The goal of a mediation attorney in Tyler is to provide creative ideas that ensure the continuation of the relationship shared by both parties.

Experienced Mediation Attorney in Tyler, Texas

Cynthia Stevens Kent brings her decades of experience in the courtrooms of the Tyler area to provide mediation services for her clients. As an experienced problem-solver, Cynthia understands the appropriate strategies to navigate even the most complex disputes to ensure the protection of both your short- and long-term interests.

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