In light of the COVID 19 Pandemic and the various orders of government entities dealing with this major health concern in our communities, VIDEO CONFERENCE MEDIATION is available to aid attorneys and clients in resolving their dispute without the risk of in person mediation at this time. If the court which ordered mediation allows for video conference mediation, CYNTHIA STEVENS KENT can accommodate that need and request of the parties and counsel.

Please include in your request for mediation a notation that you would like to schedule a VIDEO CONFERENCE MEDIATION.

Individuals with any of the following cannot attend in-person mediations. Guidance from the Texas Supreme Court, local courts, and health care agencies help determine when video conferencing should be required or is, at least, recommended.

· Those with a fever, cough, shortness of breath, symptoms of respiratory distress, or other symptoms of an illness cannot attend mediation in person.

· Individuals travelling from an affected area experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks or widespread transmission as defined by organizations such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control cannot attend mediation in person.

· Those who have been in direct contact with someone known to have COVID-19 cannot attend mediation in person until medically cleared for in person mediation.

Equipment needed for the parties in counsel for video conference mediation normally include just a laptop or desktop computer with internet connections, smart phone which has the ability to download and use ZOOM or RING CENTRAL or other Video Conferencing Apps.

If a party or counsel has hearing disabilities, please notify the mediation so we can discuss what accommodations need to be made for any hearing-impaired participants.

Let us know your mediation needs and we will work with you to schedule a Video Conference Mediation in your case.

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